Croatia lawyer arrested for lifting cover on bribery scandal


“This is clearly a political persecution on the part of the Monegasque authorities,” Taylor said in a message sent to Sunday telegraph. “I ask the British government to stop this political pursuit of the whistleblower who denounced corruption at SBM, Monaco’s largest private sector employer.Caroline Nokes, former Home Secretary, who is Mr Taylor’s MP, said: “We have raised this issue directly with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

“We have made sure that consular assistance is available for the family and sincerely hope this will be resolved quickly.”

SBM has agreed to settle criminal bribery charges with the US Department of Justice and Dutch authorities for a combined total of $ 478 million (£ 364 million) related to bribes for contracts dating back to the 90s for supplying oil rigs around the world. There has been a similar legal action in Brazil.

Mr Taylor, now an independent legal contractor, left the company in 2012 but supported investigations into SBM which resulted in lawsuits against its former executives and a record-breaking $ 240 million settlement to the Dutch prosecutor.

It was the largest corruption case in Dutch history, with the regulations allowing the court case to be dropped without acknowledgment of guilt by the company. “We are now a white swan in a black sea,” said Sietse Hepkema, director of SBM at the time, relieved and proud.


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