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It’s the Bentley Bentayga, take two. What you see here is a big facelift of an SUV launched in late 2015, but with over 1,000 new components, it’s a big deal.Visually, in particular. While the overall shape is the same as before, details have been manipulated in some areas and revised in others, with the new lights (front and rear) being the most noticeable. Where the Bentayga debuted with a fleeting resemblance to a Continental GT, its mid-life update saw it don the head and taillights of its coupe cousin with much less subtlety.

Some will see it as a legitimate aesthetic reliance on such a large car, others may recall the awkward application of 911 design cues from the Porsche Cayenne in its first generation in the early 2000s. The Top Team Gear – rarely referees of taste – is split in two.

Once you get past the lights, there are some neater touches. A 20mm increase in the rear track improves the Bentayga’s stance while improving handling, there’s a new alloy rim design (22in!) And these fancy new headlights use cut crystal to make them even sparkle. when they are not lit. When they are, their intensity changes with the speed at which you drive to avoid dazzling other road users while illuminating isolated country lanes.

It’s a hugely important car too, and not just for the few thousand people its manufacturing employs in the North West of England (at a scorching time for the industry). It accounted for almost half of Bentley’s sales in 2019, while 70% of Bentayga buyers are new to the brand. And, we imagine, much younger than the standard Bentley.

In fact, sales continued to increase in the Bentayga’s fourth year on the market; with around 4000 sold per year, it represents more than a third of the “luxury SUV” sector which has just welcomed the Aston Martin DBX into its fold.

The “luxury” half of its equation is more relevant than ever, the Bentley Mulsanne is also dead. Suddenly the Bentayga SUV and the Flying Spur sedan have some extra work on their hands, together trying to fill the literally big void that the venerable old limo leaves behind.

So the Bentayga had a good smarten inside, and its rear quarters are taller and more relaxing if you prefer the particularly chic four-seater. Although the five and seven seat versions remain on the option list. Yes, a seven-seater Bentley. The outbidding of the practice of rugby is not more daring.


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