Crime skyrockets in Minneapolis as police issue letter offering advice on how to avoid being robbed or robbed – The Post Millennial


The Minneapolis Police Department has told residents of the 3rd District how to protect themselves after reporting an increase in crime – and they’re not calling the police. The letter provides advice on robbery prevention that residents should consider in the face of rising violence.The letter, addressed to residents of the 3rd arrondissement, notes that “thefts and carjackings have increased in our constituency”, and indicates that personal valuables, such as cell phones and handbags, have been the most important. target of aggressors. The aggressors used mass and threats of armed violence to achieve their goal. Some people were reportedly “dragged” and “assaulted”.

Police report that in July there were 100 thefts and 20 carjackings in the area, and District 3 is not the only part of Minneapolis that is experiencing an increase in criminal activity and violence.

The letter, posted on Twitter by The daily caller‘s Kyle Hooten, advises residents not to walk alone, to “be hyper-aware of your surroundings at all times”, essentially to “be careful!”

To avoid being assaulted, police suggest that residents carry only the items they need with them, not a lot of cash, and “be prepared to give up your cell phone and purse / wallet”.

“Have the keys already on hand when you approach your car,” it read, noting that even with these precautions, “thefts can still occur.” Fighting off an attacker or someone who wishes to rob you is also a bad idea, the letter notes, saying the safety of residents is more important than their property.

Residents are also urged to take good notes about their attacker’s appearance so that they can be reported to the police. Victims should record the number of people who attacked them and the “age, height, skin tone, hair color and eyes” of that person (s).

Car hijacking advice is also provided, including keeping all doors locked, not stopping for strangers, parking in brightly lit areas, hyper-aware, using car tracking devices, not leave valuables inside a vehicle or let the car run around during quick stops such as deliveries and to make sure you have your license plate number memorized.

These guidelines are not yet listed on the Crime Prevention Zone on the City of Minneapolis website, which was last updated in April 2019. The letter is dated July 28, 2020.

It was in the 3rd Minneapolis Police Station that George Floyd was killed on May 25. Following his death, the riots, violence and protests that followed, residents erected a memorial to Floyd. This zone was created as a police-free zone, and there have been reports of violence and illegal activity.

In June, Minneapolis City Council approved a plan to dismantle the police. Despite this, Minneapolis City Council members have amassed more than $ 63,000 for their own private security. City council reportedly intends to replace the police with a “community model.”

It was also reported last week that in light of rising crime, residents of Minneapolis have formed their own neighborhood watch groups to bring safety back to residential areas.

Calls to denounce the police did not end the violence in Minneapolis, and one weekend in June 12 people were shot dead. Within a month of Floyd’s murder, Minneapolis police received 1,600 reports of gunfire. In 2017, Minneapolis was ranked 19th safest city in the United States, below Lansing, New Orleans, Nashville, and Anchorage.


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