Covid vaccine tracker: when will we have a coronavirus vaccine? | World news



vaccines not yet in human trials


Phase 1

vaccines in small-scale safety trials


Phase 2

vaccines in expanded safety trials


Phase 3

vaccines in large-scale efficacy trials



vaccines approved for general use


Source: WHO. Last update August 11

Researchers around the world are rushing to develop a vaccine against Covid-19, with more than 170 vaccine candidates now being tracked by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Vaccines normally take years of testing and additional time to be produced on a large scale, but scientists hope to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus within 12 to 18 months.

Vaccines mimic the virus – or part of the virus – that they protect against, stimulating the immune system to develop antibodies. They must meet higher safety standards than other drugs because they are given to millions of healthy people.

Recent vaccine news

Russian health officials have approved a vaccine against the coronavirus which has yet to complete clinical trials.

How are vaccines tested?

in the preclinical stage In tests, researchers give the vaccine to animals to see if it triggers an immune response.

In phase 1 In clinical trials, the vaccine is given to a small group of people to determine if it is safe and to learn more about the immune response it elicits.

In phase 2, the vaccine is given to hundreds of people so that scientists can learn more about its safety and correct dosage.

In phase 3, the vaccine is given to thousands of people to confirm its safety – including its rare side effects – and its effectiveness. These trials involve a control group that receives a placebo.


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