COVID New York: Governor Andrew Cuomo criticizes President Donald Trump’s unemployment benefit order


NEW YORK (WABC) – President Donald Trump’s executive order that states pay 25% of jobless claims is “impossible,” “laughable,” and “just a chapter in the book of Washington COVID mismanagement,” said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Sunday. Cuomo said it would cost New York State $ 4 billion to pay $ 100 out of $ 400 of each coronavirus unemployment benefit under the terms of the executive order. He said the coronavirus had already left states “without funding for schools.”“You can’t now tell the states that don’t have funding that you have to pay 25% of the costs of unemployment,” the governor said. “There is no funding for schools that are trying to reopen, which the White House says they want them to reopen. They need legislation. This is the only way to do it. If they don’t pass it, if the president is I don’t want to pass it, then it’s just one more failure in a series of failures to deal with this COVID crisis. And my advice is that when you’re in a hole, stop digging. ”

Cuomo said federal action must be resolved.

“What the president did made it impossible for the state to do it,” he said. “The president, by his decree, makes us pay 25% of unemployment insurance, which could cost us $ 4 billion. It’s just an impossibility. None of this is really on the federal side. This is going to have to be resolved. I’m not sure if the president sincerely thinks the decree is a resolution or it’s just a tactic in the negotiation, but it’s irreconcilable for the state, and I guess it’s just a chapter from Washington’s COVID Mismanagement Book. ”

Cuomo said the state health department is reviewing the “second supplemental plan” for the reopening of schools filed by the city’s education department and will have an update on its. status Monday.

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Cuomo also said the state had a positive test percentage of 0.7%, “the lowest rate since we started.”7 On Your Side surrenders to mayor after New York nurses slam parking tickets


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