COVID-19: Workers Returning From Home Lead To East Kootenay Outbreak


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There are 11 active outbreaks in health care facilities in British Columbia, nine of which are in long-term care homes. The most recent death is of a man who lived in a long-term care facility.

Henry said health officials have identified eight cases of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children that may be linked to COVID-19. Two of the cases resulted in intensive care.

According to the BC Children’s Hospital, reports from Italy, the UK and the US have shown an increase in cases of MIS-C in children, and they found that this occurs several weeks after infection with COVID. -19.

MIS-C is a newly recognized clinical syndrome reported in children and adolescents. Doctors believe this syndrome could be triggered by a response to the virus in some children, as cases are recognized along with the pandemic.

MIS-C appears to be caused by an exaggerated immune response, leading to severe generalized inflammation.

Henry said COVID-19 rates were very low in British Columbia compared to the rest of the world, with serologic tests showing less than 1% of the population had been exposed to the disease.

“We have a very low level of immunity in the province,” Henry said.

Meanwhile, two British Columbia parents have filed a lawsuit in the BC Supreme Court, claiming the provincial government’s back-to-school plan was flawed.

The two fathers filed for an injunction demanding that the BC government implement stricter safety measures to protect children from the risks of COVID-19 before schools in Chilliwack reopen.


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