COVID-19: Seven more flights added to disease watch list


Content of the article

The BC Center for Disease Control has reported seven other flights that have arrived or left Vancouver with at least one COVID-19 positive person on board.

The BC CDC has been publishing these flights since March 27, after it stopped directly notifying passengers who may have been exposed.

Since June 3, there have been 36 COVID-19 flights in British Columbia

More recently, the BC CDC added four domestic and three international flights to the list.

Domestic flights are all from Air Canada. These are flight 305 from Montreal to Vancouver on July 20 (rows 34-37), flight 311 from Montreal to Vancouver on July 24 (rows 1-4 and 12-14), flight 204 from Vancouver to Calgary on July 27 (rows 18-24) and flight 343 from Ottawa to Vancouver on July 29 (lines 4 and 12-17).

Additional international flights are Aeromexico flight 696 on July 22 from Mexico City to Vancouver (rows 19-25), Air Canada flight 575 on July 23 from Los Angeles to Vancouver (rows 15-21) and flight 007 from Air Canada July 26 from Vancouver to Hong Kong (lines 22-28).


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