COVID-19: Outbreak declared over in Haida Gwaii


Content of the article

A COVID-19 outbreak in Haida Gwaii has been declared over by health officials in British Columbia.

A total of 26 people have tested positive in the outbreak which was first declared on July 24.

Northern Health said on Friday that no new cases had been reported in Haida Gwaii since August 6.

“There are no active cases and public health officials are now convinced that there are no longer chains of transmission of COVID-19 linked to the epidemic,” the health authority said in a report. press release published Friday morning.

Northern Health says none of the 26 cases in Haida Gwaii required hospitalization or relocation for self-quarantine needs.

The remote community off the coast of British Columbia is off-limits to non-residents. A post on the official Haida Gwaii website asks visitors to refrain from coming to Haida Gwaii for non-essential travel.

“Haida Gwaii is an isolated place with limited medical facilities,” the website says.

Residents of the Haida Nation are also advised to refrain from traveling between island communities for all errands except essential errands. Those traveling off the island must self-quarantine for 14 days upon their return.


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