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UNC, with 30,000 students, began classes on August 10, the same day classes resume at Notre Dame, a campus of 8,600 students near South Bend, Ind. Notre Dame tested all of its students before they returned to campus, with 33 positives. results.

On Tuesday, Ithaca College in upstate New York said it would extend distance learning through the fall semester, despite initial plans to bring students back to campus in waves. starting this month. In a statement, Shirley M. Collado, the president of the college, called the reversal a “distressing decision” but said that “bringing the students here, only to send them home, would cause unnecessary disruption to the continuity of their experience. academic. ”

The Michigan state president sent a letter Tuesday telling undergraduates who had planned to live in on-campus accommodation to stay home. He said the university would make all of its courses available online before the start of the school year in two weeks, with the exception of some colleges and graduate students. And Virginia Tech president Tim Sands sent a letter to students begging them to be responsible or risk epidemics like those on other campuses.

Across the United States, Greek life has come under special scrutiny amid reports of epidemics in fraternities and sororities. On Tuesday, health officials in Riley County, Kan., Reported a new outbreak of cases associated with the Phi Delta Theta fraternity at Kansas State University – 13 members have tested positive – and have recommended quarantine for anyone who had been in contact with infected people.

In the past few days, widely disseminated footage of young people gathering without masks near the Tuscaloosa, Alabama campus, home of the University of Alabama, and around Dahlonega, Georgia, home of the University of North Georgia. , raised concerns about students. “Cavalier attitudes towards social distancing measures


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