Covid-19: France imposes new rules requiring outdoor masks


Seaside resorts along the French Atlantic coast, picturesque walks on the Loire, farmer’s markets in the Alps – are just some of the dozens of places in France where everyone is now required to wear a mask outside.The outdoor mask rules that come into effect Monday come in addition to a national decree last month requiring people to wear masks in all stores and other indoor public places. Pressure is also increasing on the government to impose the use of outdoor masks nationwide.


France is seeing an increase in coronavirus infections, with hundreds of new clusters in recent weeks, especially as young people gather in waterfront cafes or dance parties and families gather for the summer holidays. ‘summer.

Several sites across France have started requiring masks outdoors in recent days. As of Monday, 69 towns in the Mayenne region of western France have imposed rules on outdoor masks, as have parts of the Nordic city of Lille and the coastal town of Biarritz in the south of France. French Basque Country.

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France reported 7,000 new cases last week, after nearly bringing the virus under control with a strict two-month nationwide lockdown, and has confirmed 30,265 virus-related deaths since the start of the pandemic.


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