COVID-19 cases and deaths in France are increasing | Tenterfield Star


The number of new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in France increased in 1955 compared to the previous day, although the increase in new cases was lower than in previous days.

The French health ministry said the number of deaths from COVID-19 increased by 15 from the previous day to 30,528 victims, while the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases rises to 244.854.

France has the seventh highest death toll from COVID-19 in the world and the government is monitoring the numbers closely to see if further restrictions or lockdowns are needed to curb the spread of the virus.

“The circulation of the virus is progressing markedly and is most intense among young adults,” the ministry said on Monday.

The number of new cases was lower than the 4,897 new cases recorded on August 23, although 22 new clusters were discovered in the past 24 hours.

Australian Associated Press


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