COVID-19: Avoid These Hand Sanitizers Recalled in Canada


Content of the article

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, everything was on deck.

This meant that many companies and manufacturers had to retool and pivot to produce personal protective equipment and cleaning products to help fight the coronavirus.

Among these, there are a number of companies that have received temporary authorization to start producing hand sanitizers. But not all hand sanitizers are created equal – and some have even been recalled.

Beginning in June, Health Canada began posting recall warnings, and others were published or updated in July and August.

Scroll down for a searchable database of all hand sanitizers that have been recalled in Canada.The list will be updated as additional reminders are issued.

Recalls due to a health risk:Some hand sanitizers available on the market contain ethanol or denaturants that are unsafe to use or that have not been approved or tested in Canada. They can cause dermatitis, skin irritation or cracking, eye irritation, upper respiratory tract irritation, or headaches.


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