Could a “New Girl” meeting take place? Jake Johnson seems to think so


If you’ve spent most of your 40s watching New girl… Well, the same. The campy sitcom classic has long found a place in our hearts and has seemingly emerged as the perfect quarantine binge over the past few months. And apparently Jake Johnson (who plays the always adorable and always sloppy Nick Miller) has taken notice.

On Slate’s Thirst Aid Kit podcast released today which, for the record, notes that Johnson is “as awesome as you imagine,” the actor was quickly asked about the show’s undeniable resurgence on streaming platforms. . New girl, which follows Jess, an eccentric young woman who moves into a loft with three men who soon become her best friends (or, romantic interest, in Nick’s case) aired her final season in 2018. According to Johnson, the network simply claimed no we were watching at that time.

“When we were leaving Fox was pretty cool and said, ‘We don’t want to cancel you, but nobody’s looking at you.’ So when we did our last season… Zooey Deschanel and I literally wrote an email to the managers. [of Fox and 20th Century TV] ask for more, for the few OG fans who have stayed with us, ”says Johnson. “You can’t end Season 6 the way it was rushed. I was like, ‘Give admin Liz Meriwether the time to finish this properly! ”

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After six heartfelt seasons with no shortage of laughter moments and references to Schmidt’s douchebag pot (if you know, you know), fans surely agree that the series deserved a proper final send-off.

And yet, Johnson recalls, the cast (which included Zooey Deschanel, Lamorne Morris, Max Greenfield, Hannah Simone and Damon Wayans Jr.) were not even invited to celebrate their finale through the late night circuit as the are most shows. According to Johnson, no one asked them to be on a show. “So now that there are people following[[[[New girl]I’m like, it’s not like you’re 10 too late, you’re 18 months, ”he explains,“ it’s kinda bittersweet. We were just working!

Ironically, the final season of New Girl was set for 2020. Even more ironic is the fact that some episodes feature face masks and, most notably, references to hand washing. Did the person who came up with the phrase “the decline is 2020” also watch New girl? Ask a friend.

So, could a meeting take place? Johnson seems to think it’s possible. “Hannah Simone and I texted two nights ago… Zooey and I are still texting,” he said on the podcast. “All the guys and I are on a text channel. Everyone’s still related, so I’d be surprised if there isn’t some sort of thing at some point where everyone comes back.

Luckily for impatient fans, a New girl the reunion (at least in terms of talent) is already happening in some way, in the form of Hoops – an animated comedy on Netflix. On the show, Johnson voices a miserable rude basketball couch trying to transform both the team and his life, and is joined in voice appearances by Simone, Greenfield and Wayans Jr.

Until then – yes, we are still watching. Next episode, please.

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