Costco launched same day delivery across Canada


Now you can avoid the queues and chaos at Costco, as same day delivery has launched across Canada. Instacart, a company that offers online grocery delivery, partners with Costco for 76 warehouses across Canada.

<who>Crédit photo: 123RF « src = » « style = » margin: 5px; « /></p><p>Following a successful two-month pilot in select locations across Ontario, the nationwide collaboration brings Costco’s vast selection of groceries, pantries and housewares direct from store at the customer’s doorstep in as little as two hours.</p><p>Consumers in Canada can now shop from Costco’s wide assortment of items, including fresh produce, meat and seafood, snacks, cold cuts, frozen foods, baby essentials and pets, and more in the Instacart Marketplace with or without a Costco subscription.</p><p>Customers can start shopping at Costco through Instacart here, or with the Instacart app.</p></div><p style=

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