Coronavirus UK: Pubs rise up despite delays in easing lockdown measures


Large crowds of people flocked to the pubs as the government warned the lockdown rules could be tightened again (Photo: W8media)

Bettors flocked to pubs and breweries yesterday as the UK experienced its third hottest day on record, making it difficult for many to meet social distancing guidelines.

Large groups of drinkers were photographed chatting outside without maintaining a distance of at least one meter.

The Sunseekers have also filled the beaches at Brighton and Bournemouth to the point that authorities have told people to ‘go home’ and have tried to prevent more visitors from arriving.

It comes after the government delayed plans to reopen bowling lanes, ice rinks and casinos this weekend for at least two weeks. As fears of a second wave mount, Downing Street has also said wedding receptions of up to 30 people will no longer be allowed.

The contagion of the coronavirus is increasing, with one in 1,500 people infected with the disease, compared to one in 1,800 on July 15 and one in 2,000 on July 2. July 14 and 2000 at the end of June.

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In an effort to combat the surge in cases in some hot spots, the government has imposed new lockdowns in large parts of the Northwest. Rules affecting around 4.5 million people mean people from separated households will no longer be able to meet indoors.

Individual households will still be able to go to pubs and restaurants, but they should not socialize with others, the health ministry said. However, Boris Johnson has warned that if cases worsen, Liquorites may be forced to close again in the fall.

Gamblers flock to a Soho pub in London’s West End (Photo: w8media)

w8media Pubs and restaurants in soho where people do not socially distance themselves

Boris Johnson has warned pubs could be closed again in the fall if the UK outbreak worsens (Photo: w8media)

At the Downing Street press conference yesterday, the Prime Minister was asked if there would be any “compromises” to achieve his goal of getting all schoolchildren in England back to classrooms for the next term.

He said: “Your basic point is very good about the tradeoffs that we are looking at here. I think getting our kids back to school on September 1… that should be a national priority.

England Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty said: “The idea that we can open everything up and keep the virus under control is clearly wrong.

“I think what we’re seeing from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) data and other data is that we’ve probably reached near the limit or the limits of what we can do by terms of opening the company.

w8media Pubs and restaurants in soho where people do not socially distance themselves

Pubs, restaurants, cinemas and other businesses opened on July 4 on what has been dubbed ‘Super Saturday’ (Photo: w8media)

Beachgoers are soaking up the sun and the sea on what is now the hottest day of the year in Britain so far, in Brighton, England on Friday July 31, 2020. Temperatures reached 35 ° C (95 ° F) at London's Heathrow Airport. (AP Photo / Alastair Grant)

The Sunseekers packed Brighton beach yesterday as the UK enjoyed its third hottest day on record (Photo: AP)

“So what that potentially means is that if we want to do more things in the future, maybe we will have to do less of other things.

“And these will be difficult compromises, some of which will be decisions of government and others that we all must make as citizens.

“But we have to be realistic about it. The idea that we can open everything up and keep the virus under control is clearly wrong.

And what we are seeing is that we are at the limit of what we can do – and therefore choices will have to be made.

In addition to banning separated households from reuniting, Britons could again be told not to use public transport if the national health crisis worsens.

Johnson added: “With these numbers climbing, our assessment is that we should step on that brake pedal… in order to keep the virus under control.

“At this point, we are not changing the rules on social contacts at the national level.

“I don’t mean to tell people to spend less time with their friends. But unless people follow the rules and behave safely, we may have to take it a step further.

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