Coronavirus treatment tracker: Top contenders to stop COVID-19


TORONTO – As scientists rush to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus, another quest is underway: finding an effective treatment. With an approved COVID-19 injection still likely several months away from Canadians’ arms, researchers around the world are testing a wide range of drugs to determine their ability to slow the progression of the virus and improve survival in hospital patients.

Antiviral drugs, many of which are already in use for other illnesses, are at the forefront of much research, including in the World Health Organization’s large multinational trial “Solidarity”, which involves more than 100 countries. Researchers have made a lot of progress since the early days of the pandemic.

“We are starting to see inpatient death rates falling around the world,” Dr. Srinivas Murthy, senior researcher with the Canadian branch of the WHO Solidarity Trial, told CTV’s Your Morning. this week. “So we are improving. We just have to be even better than that. has compiled a screening guide for some of the top treatment candidates that are currently in clinical trials, have received emergency clearance, or have already been excluded as effective treatment.

Approved under conditions

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