Coronavirus: the pope’s plea for the vaccine and universities in the face of “crazy demand”


Here are five things you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak this Wednesday night. We will have another update for you on Thursday morning.

1. The Pope calls for access to vaccines for the poor

Pope Francis has said the world’s poorest people must have access to a vaccine against the coronavirus if it becomes available. “How sad it would be if access to a Covid-19 vaccine became a priority for the richest. It would be sad if the vaccine became the property of this or that nation and not universal for everyone, ”the Pope said during his weekly general audience at the Vatican. Teams around the world are working to develop a vaccine that will be effective against Covid-19.

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The Pope made the comments during his weekly Vatican General Audience

2. Will masks be compulsory in offices?

France is in the process of making face covering compulsory in most workplaces, with the rules likely to apply in all shared spaces in offices and factories. But Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the UK was not looking to follow suit. “We are constantly reviewing scientific advice and the answer here is that we are not currently considering doing so,” he said. Face masks are currently required in a number of indoor settings in the UK. Learn more about the rules here.

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Media legendHow to wear a face mask

3. Universities facing “crazy demand”

After the government’s U-turn on how A levels were graded, thousands of students who thought they missed out on their first choice of college may now have the grades to trade. So how does this affect universities? “Student demand has gone crazy,” says Emma Reay, director of admissions at Newcastle University. She said offers to students will be honored, but they may have to consider coming a year later.

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University of Newcastle

4. Aberdeen Lockdown Continues

Aberdeen’s lockdown has been extended for a week, Nicola Sturgeon said. The Scottish Prime Minister said that although the lockdown has had an impact, it is still ‘not sure’ whether to lift the restrictions. A spike in Covid-19 cases linked to the city’s bars and nightlife led to the closure of pubs and restaurants two weeks ago and restrictions on travel and visits to other households .

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5. Booming eye makeup sales

Now that masks are an inevitable part of our daily lives, it seems people are looking to make a big impression with the asset that remains on display – their eyes. Eye makeup took a bigger slice of premium cosmetics sales during and after the lockdown, according to NPD analysts. And it’s worth noting that with the lips now often hidden behind a mask, makeup sales in this area take less of the expense. Find out how the pandemic is affecting makeup and fashion sales.

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Media legendInfluencers shared tips for keeping your makeup beautiful while wearing a mask

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