Coronavirus: Student travel company STA ceases operations in UK | Economic news


Student travel company STA has ceased operations in the UK, saying the coronavirus pandemic has brought its industry to a standstill.

In a statement on his website, he said anyone with a direct booking would receive “further communications in the coming days.”

He said: “Unfortunately, our travel experts are not able to help you at the moment”, adding that he was “sorry for the inconvenience”.

The company, which specializes in backpacker travel packages, has more than 50 stores across the UK.

It’s even more bad news because COVID-19[feminine[feminine plunges Great Britain into the the deepest recession on record.

STA Travel UK has stated that pandemic left him “no choice” on whether to continue, saying the global impact of the virus had “immobilized the travel industry”.

He added: “Over the past few months, we have taken decisive action to secure activity beyond COVID-19.

“However, sales have not resumed as expected due to consumer uncertainties, new restrictions and new foreclosures, which are expected to largely continue into 2021.”

It added that its Swiss parent company, STA Travel Holdings AG, had filed for insolvency.

A spokesperson for the travel trade association, Abta, said the disappearance of STA “would send a shock wave through the
industry ”.

She added that this was “painful news” which “will unfortunately affect the livelihoods of hundreds of employees.”


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