Coronavirus reunites two long-lost sisters who haven’t seen each other for over 50 years




Doris Crippen, 73, said she contracted what she believed to be the flu in May. Due to her weakness, she ended up falling and breaking her arm, sending him to the emergency room and eventually to the past.

She turned out to have coronavirus and had to spend almost 30 days in hospital to recover, Crippen said. After her release, Crippen went to Fremont Methodist Health’s Dunklau Gardens to have her arm rehabilitated.

It was there that she met a wonderful surprise.

Bev Boro, 53, has been a caregiver at Dunklau Gardens in Fremont for 22 years and when she came across Crippen’s name on a patient board she immediately recognized him.


div>”I couldn’t believe it,” Boro said at a press conference on July 22. “I thought, ‘Oh my god, I think that’s my sister.’ ”

The two women have the same father but different mothers, and they haven’t looked like each other for 53 years, when Boro was a baby. Crippen lived with his mother, but Boro and four of their 14 siblings were separated by the state and put up for adoption when they were 6 months old.


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On June 27, Boro decided to take a chance and confirm that Crippen was who she thought she was. Since Crippen has been hard of hearing, Boro entered his room with a whiteboard and wrote their father’s name. Crippen confirmed it was his father.

“I pointed at myself… and I said: ‘It’s mine too! “… I have our father’s eyes,” Boro said.

“I almost fell off my chair and burst into tears,” Crippen said. “It was just a happy feeling to find my sister. She had been a baby for 53 years and I held her.

Crippen had tried to track down his siblings several times over the years, but had failed.

“It’s amazing… really overwhelming, after so many years,” Crippen said. “I never expected to find her. ”

Boro, on the other hand, had found most of their siblings, and now she can reunite Crippen with the family members Crippen thought she lost. They are now trying to plan a family reunion.

“It was the Lord’s blessing that I was sent here,” to the rehabilitation center, “because if I hadn’t been sent here, I wouldn’t have found her,” Crippen said.