Coronavirus: reopening of swimming pools and gyms in Wales confirmed


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Bye bye ball pools: fun but difficult to clean attractions will remain closed despite reopening of play centers

The planned reopening of swimming pools, fitness rooms, gymnasiums and recreation centers will take place on Monday, it was confirmed.

Children’s play centers can also reopen, but areas that are not easy to clean, such as ball fields, should remain closed.

The Welsh government has said businesses are legally obligated to “minimize the risk of exposure to coronavirus” at their premises.

Boards will have additional powers to enforce the requirements.

These include ensuring that people maintain a distance of two meters when possible and other measures to avoid close interactions, such as installing screens, using face coverings and l improvement of hygiene.

Prime Minister Mark Drakeford said: “For the small minority of individuals and businesses who do not follow the law, I want to make it clear that we will take action and we will not hesitate to close individual premises if this is necessary.

“Local authorities are being given increased powers to intervene and respond more effectively to complaints, including those reported to Wales TUC and its affiliated unions. “


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