Coronavirus: Plymouth teens tested positive after Greece vacation


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The group recently returned from the Greek island of Zante

Up to 30 young people in Plymouth could be infected with coronavirus after returning from vacation in Greece, according to local health officials.

The city’s public health team said the group, aged 18 and 19, returned from Zante Island last week and so far 11 have tested positive.

Many of them had no or “very minor” symptoms of the virus, they added.

Greece is currently not on the list of countries with quarantine restrictions for UK travelers.

Plymouth Director of Public Health Ruth Harrell said her team was working alongside national systems to contact and trace those allegedly affected.

Some, who were not showing symptoms “continued as usual” until they realized the risk, including a “night out at the bars and restaurants in Plymouth,” she added.

She said: “While we are still below the trigger point of a lockdown, this incident just shows how easily life can change. “


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