Coronavirus: new rules in force for bars and restaurants


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Bars and restaurants should provide table service and take contact details

Bars and restaurants in Scotland are now required by law to collect customer contact details.

Tips such as providing table service, pre-booking, and avoiding customers standing together or queuing are also now mandatory.

There should be no background music and TVs should be muted so people don’t have to bend down to be heard.

The Scottish government has said police and local environmental health teams will enforce the rules if necessary.

  • Stricter rules on visors, masks and contacts

Announcing the measures last week, Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the outbreak in Aberdeen and elsewhere has highlighted how the coronavirus can easily be spread in environments such as pubs.

The hospitality industry had already been asked to take the contact details of customers to allow the Test and Protect contact tracing system to work.

While many companies have complied with the guidelines, Ms Sturgeon said others have not and therefore there is a need to tighten the rules.

The prime minister said placing the guidelines on a statutory basis, meaning that they were backed up by law, “would help clarify exactly what is required of the hospitality industry.”

Businesses had seven days to prepare for the new, stricter rules, but were urged to act sooner to ensure the guidelines were followed.

Contact details can be kept by companies for 21 days, after which they must be destroyed or deleted.


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