Coronavirus Live: US Nears 5 Million Cases As Australian Border Closure Intensifies | World news


Australia the Minister of Finance, Mathias Cormann, declares federal government now supports current border restrictions that several states have put in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19.Comments from Cormann, the chief minister for Western Australia, reflect the drastic shift in the Australian government’s stance on internal border closures after strong public support for the measures in places like WA.

A week ago, Prime Minister Scott Morrison gave in to pressure from the state premier to end the federal government’s involvement in a high court case challenging WA’s border closures. And in recent days, Morrison has personally called on businessman Clive Palmer to drop the case altogether. Morrison and many ministers have already spoken out against closing state borders, but policy has shifted amid growing concerns about increasing infections in Victoria state.

Cormann – who argued at the end of July that governments “must not impose unnecessary and preventable economic or social damage free of charge for little or no improvements in public health” – told the ABC’s Insiders program: “Considering what’s going on in Victoria and considering the situation in the country. is at, we support the current state border arrangements, including here in Western Australia. ”

Cormann said the federal government had “changed its mind as the position evolved.” Asked about suggestions that the WA border could remain closed until next year, Cormann said Premier Mark McGowan said “he couldn’t put a date on it and that’s certainly true “.

“I’m sure the Prime Minister, like everyone else, would like the borders of these states to be removed as soon as possible, but we just don’t know.


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