Coronavirus live updates: Quebec reports 68 new cases, four additional deaths


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Stress? Japanese group offers coffins and chainsaws to help

For those feeling anxious about COVID-19, a Japanese group offers to place customers in a coffin surrounded by chainsaw-wielding zombies to distract themselves from everyday life.

The Square Squad has 15 minute shows that include horror stories and get screwed with the wrong hands.

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A participant sits inside a coffin mockup with plastic shields during a coffin horror show in Tokyo. REUTERS / Issei Kato ISSEI KATO/REUTERS

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Boris weighs

Editorial cartoon from August 25, 2020.
Editorial cartoon from August 25, 2020. Boris

11:30 am

Several NFL teams cancel training camps after positive COVID-19 tests

Several NFL teams canceled or postponed workouts on Sunday after a single lab returned a number of positive tests for COVID-19, the league said.

However, many tests have been found to have false positives.

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Quebec reports 68 new cases, four more deaths

Quebec’s public health ministry reports that the province recorded 68 new cases of COVID-19 and two disease-related deaths during the 24-hour period from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.

The new figures bring the total number of people infected in the province to 61,741.

A death that occurred between August 17 and 22 and another death that occurred before August 17 were also added to the province’s death toll, which now stands at 5,744.

The number of hospitalizations has dropped by two, with 115 patients currently in care. Of those, 12 are in the intensive care unit, down from two.

On August 22, 11,372 tests were performed. The total for the province is now 1,569,867 tests.


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