Coronavirus Live News: Victoria faces Stage 4 lockdown as South Africa cases surpass 500,000 | World news


Today Dr Chant and I are going strongly recommend that people wear masks in certain circumstances:

There are four key areas where we want people to wear masks:first of all, if you are in an enclosed space and cannot guarantee social distancing, like public transport, like when shopping for groceries, you should wear a mask.

We would also like to see more staff in contact with the customer [role] wear maskswhether they are in hospitality or in the retail trade. Whenever they meet clients, we strongly recommend that they wear masks.

If you are attend a place of worship, we want you to wear a mask. If you attend a church, synagogue, or mosque, we would like you to wear a mask.

And finally, if you are in an area where there is strong community transmission or a number of cases, we want you to wear a mask. So these other four key areas that we recommend people wear masks.

I want to stress that this is not mandatory, but it is a strong recommendation from the Department of Health, given where we are in the pandemic, given the risk posed to Victoria and the rate of transmission. community in New South Wales.


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