Coronavirus live: Germany and France record three-month highs of new cases


The DPI screening facility along the Dubai-Abu Dhabi border, which screens travelers for the COVID-19 virus using a blood sample and laser technology. Antonie Robertson / The National

A girl wearing a protective mask, amid concerns over the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), walks next to a clothing store with retail signs in the window in Cairo, Egypt. REUTERS

Adnan Polat wearing a face mask to protect against the spread of the coronavirus, shines a customer’s shoes, in Ankara, Turkey. AP Photo

Muslims who live in Greece wear protective masks when praying in a mosque in Athens. AFP

A medical official wearing a suit of personal protective equipment (PPE) takes a swab sample from a member of the Loya jirga (great assembly of former Afghans) to test for the COVID-19 coronavirus at the Polytechnic University of Kabul. AFP

An artist puts the finishing touches on a mural depicting frontline workers during a full day-long lockdown imposed by the state government against the surge in COVID-19 coronavirus cases in Kolkata. AFP

A federal district employee disinfects a public school as a measure against the spread of the new coronavirus in Brasilia. The local government began preparations for the safe reopening of schools in early September, as restrictions on the COVID-19 lockdown are relaxed. AFP

Gustavo Romero, professor of medicine, who coordinates research on the coronavirus vaccine (COVID-19) in Brazil, shows a dose of the Sinovac coronavirus vaccine in a phase 3 trial at the University Hospital of Brasilia, in Brasilia, Brazil. The vaccine will be used in patients in Brazil from today. EPA

People visit the art exhibition “Unity is Strength: An Art Exhibition on Combating COVID-19”, including a portrait of Chinese pulmonologist Zhong Nanshan titled “Chinese Communist-Zhang Nanshan” (far R) by artist Feng Zhaoxie, on the fight against the coronavirus at the National Museum of China in Beijing. AFP

An elderly Romanian man wearing a face mask walks past a government awareness poster for wearing surgical masks in Bucharest, Romania. Bucharest’s Municipal Committee for Emergencies (CMSU) decided on August 3 that wearing a protective mask would become compulsory in the pedestrian zone of the commercial district of the old town of the capital, in the squares, the fairs, train stations, metro and bus stations. EPA

A restaurant is preparing delivery meal orders during the lockdown due to the continued spread of the coronavirus in Melbourne. The state of Victoria, Australia’s coronavirus hotspot, announced Monday that businesses will be closed and downsized in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus. AP Photo

Pellegrinis Café and The Paperback bookstore are closed during the lockdown due to the continued spread of the coronavirus in Melbourne. AP Photo

People who have not complied with measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as wearing masks correctly in public places, are forced to sit and listen to prevention speeches for a few hours at Nyamirambo Stadium in Kigali, Rwanda. AFP


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