Coronavirus in New York: here’s what happened this week


After Governor Andrew M. Cuomo ordered a large expansion of absentee voting this year due to the coronavirus, New York City received a deluge of 400,000 mail-in ballots. Almost a month and a half after the June primaries, some of those votes were still counted.

Officials cited several issues with the primary. Thousands of ballots were mailed just days before the election, leaving voters with no time to return them. There were not enough staff to count the votes. Additionally, the Postal Service apparently struggled to process prepaid return ballot envelopes, which may have resulted in the wrongly disqualification of an unknown number of votes.

Now, some candidates and political analysts fear what happened in New York City could happen nationally in November, creating a nightmarish situation.

President Trump has also jumped into the fray, repeatedly citing the New York primary for its baseless claims that postal voting is susceptible to fraud.

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