Coronavirus: Highest daily UK cases since June when government failed to release data


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Confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the UK reached the highest daily total since mid-June, surpassing an official government threshold.

Ministers did not release data last night – accusing “technical difficulties” – but the figure of 1,148 was mysteriously posted on a separate website, for the 24 hours to 9 am Tuesday.

It is the highest since there were 1,221 new daily infections on June 21. The Joint Biosecurity Center (JBC) has sounded the alarm on any number over 1000.

In May, the center setting the number of cases at less than 1,000 confirmed infections per day was a key goal it said had to be met if coronavirus “flare-ups” were to be avoided.

The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs downplays the importance of the cap, insisting that there are still “low levels of disease compared to the start of the pandemic.”

But Christina Pagel, of the Independent Sage group of scientists, said Boris Johnson needed to determine if he would change his strategy, as infections increased again.

“The JBC has set 1,000 cases a day as an alert threshold – but we don’t know what action is supposed to be taken on the back, or why they chose 1,000,” the research professor told the University College London.

“We don’t know if the government is actually planning to change strategy in light of the increasing numbers. Or even, what is the government strategy in general.

Mr Johnson said opening schools was a priority, but he gave no details of what that means in terms of policy, or any indication that they are trying to reduce cases before schools open. schools in England. ”

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