Coronavirus graph: Data shows UK hotspots at risk of further lockdowns amid second wave fears | UK | News


A coronavirus lockdown imposed in the north-west of England has been called “absolutely necessary” by Health Secretary Matt Hancock. However, new data shows that the R-number – which estimates the number of people to whom an infected person transmits the virus – is even higher in other parts of the country. A Sky News chart revealed that the North West and South West of England are just two areas of the country with a higher R rate range of 1.1

However, research from the University of Cambridge has shown that the upper range of the R-rate in the southwest may even be as high as 1.38 – higher than anywhere else in the country.Sky News reporter Ashish Joshi explained: “The easing of lockdown measures has led to an increase in coronavirus infections. The virus was only removed and not eliminated.

“The SAGE said he was not confident that the R number was less than the crucial one in England.

“The latest estimate places the R number – which estimates the average number of people to whom an infected person transmits the virus – between 0.8 and 0.9. ”

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He then showed a regional breakdown of the R number, revealing that the East of England, London and the South East had all achieved an R number of one.

The Northwest and Southwest had surpassed that, reaching an alarming reproduction rate of 1.1

Joshi continued, “In the Northwest, where new restrictions have been imposed, breeding has gone from 0.7 to 1 last week to 0.8 to 1.1 this week.

“As soon as people are allowed to move and mix, even with social distancing, there is an increase in infections.

It comes after the UK on Thursday recorded its highest daily total of COVID-19 cases for more than a month, according to figures from the Department of Health.

Scientists at Cambridge University’s MRC Biostatistics Unit have warned that it is “very likely” that most parts of England are close to the point where the virus begins to spread exponentially.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned: “It is clear that we are now facing, I am afraid, the threat of a second wave in other parts of Europe and we just need to be vigilant. ”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock also said the figures showed a “second wave was starting to roll across Europe”.


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