Coronavirus: Covid-19 cases in the United States nearly six million


Hello and welcome to our live reporting on the coronavirus pandemic around the world.

In the United States, nearly six million people have now been recorded as infected with the virus – we’ll cover this story and more as they occur. The main Monday titles:

  • The Australian state of Victoria reported its smallest increase in cases in nearly two months – with 73 new infections on Monday. A second strict lockdown was imposed on Melbourne in July to control a spike

  • India recorded 78,512 new infections, slightly less than on Sunday when it broke the world record for the largest increase in cases in 24 hours

  • Authorities cordoned off a refugee camp in Gaza City and told people to stay inside as cases of Covid-19 climbed. The densely populated area experienced 171 infections last week

  • The lockdown was lifted in Auckland, New Zealand, and schools were allowed to reopen after restrictions were imposed on August 12. Social gatherings remain limited to 10 and masks are mandatory nationwide on public transport

  • US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) chief said he would approve a drug before the end of stage 3 clinical trials if it was ‘appropriate’ – the agency has come under pressure from President Trump before the presidential election in November.

  • Venezuela to start using volunteers to test a vaccine Russia says it has developed – although international scientists say the drug has not passed all required tests


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