Coquitlam Little League misses nearly a quarter of a million dollars


“It is important that we come to the truth and that we do not let rumors or gossip influence us or cause us to act in any way,” the president told members.

The President of the Coquitlam Little League called the RCMP after $ 227,000 disappeared from the championship-winning league account.

Sandon Fraser said that at a June 9 meeting, the board was “presented with financial data showing that the Coquitlam Little League had $ 229,971.31 in financial assets.”

The report was written as the league prepares to reimburse the spring season fees to more than 700 members, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a statement on the league’s website, Fraser wrote that members began contacting his office within three weeks of June 26 saying they had not received their refund.

“As a result, on Monday August 3, we began what we thought was an informal investigation into what had happened,” Fraser wrote.

“At that point, we discovered a serious problem – that the funds that should have been in the Coquitlam Little League account were not there.

“At this point, we know that league funds are currently under $ 3,000, which vendors are also owed for unpaid invoices. We contacted the Coquitlam RCMP about this and an investigation was initiated.

Fraser wrote that the Coquitlam Little League board of directors was “actively dealing with the situation internally” as the police investigation progressed.

“We sought legal advice and retained the services of independent accounting support to review all CLL accounts.”

Fraser asked league members not to speculate on “who might be involved and what happened”.

“It is important that we come to the truth and that we do not let rumors or gossip influence us or cause us to act in any way,” he wrote.

The Coquitlam Little League All-Star Team won last year’s Canadian Championship. In 2019, he also won the provincial championships in the Under-13 and Under-14 divisions.

According to the league’s website, there are 16 board members. None of these members is designated responsible for finances.

The BC RCMP did not resend an email by the deadline.

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