Construction progress at the EPCOT France pavilion


The EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida is currently undergoing major renovations. The Disney Theme Park, which opened on October 1, 1982, has always been meant to impress visitors with scientific and technological wonders.As it became obsolete, a reinvention was called for. Officially announced at Expo D23 last year, there are a number of projects underway in both Future World and the EPCOT World Showcase.

The flag of France, in particular, is the subject of special attention.

Tonight, the @bioreconstruct Twitter account shared a photo of the construction progress of the new World Showcase. They captioned their photo, “Work in progress on the expansion of the EPCOT France pavilion. “

If there weren’t other Disney World buildings in the background and orange cones lining the boulevard, viewers might think they were actually looking at a picture of a Paris street!

The fact that construction is progressing in the France zone at the EPCOT is excellent news for visitors to Disney Work parks. Many construction projects through EPCOT have been put on hold for financial reasons amid the current pandemic.

These include the Mary Poppins The Cherry Tree Lane attraction in the Great Britain Pavilion and the multi-level festival pavilion in the New Global Celebration Zone. However, the Walt Disney Company continued to file EPCOT building permits, so the work did not come to a complete stop.

Take a ride with Remy

The addition of Rémy Ratatouille Adventure is one of the funniest changes to come to the Pavilion of France. The ride is based on Ratatouille: The Adventure, a guest favorite at Disneyland Paris. Soon, guests of the Walt Disney World Resort will also be able to enjoy this immersive experience in which the riders are reduced to the size of a rat!

Recently, Disney shared a passing video of Ratatouille to excite Disney fans for the next grand opening of the new ride, which is still expected to take place ahead of Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration in 2021.

Source: Disneyland Paris

Are you delighted that the construction of the EPCOT France pavilion is progressing? What changes are you most excited about?


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