Conservatives ask Watchdog to investigate whether WE’s scholarship application portal violated privacy laws


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The party also suspects that the portal is creating a potential privacy breach, which it wants Commissioner Therrien to investigate. His office said it received the request and was “carefully” assessing the situation and potential next steps.

It is worrying that the information collected for the CSSG financed by the taxpayers could have been sent to third organizations

In a statement, WE challenged the Conservatives’ interpretation of Canadian privacy laws, saying “Canadian law does not prohibit the storage of data outside of Canada.”

“We maintain high standards of privacy and protection of personal information. We have fully complied with the confidentiality requirements of the funding agreement, ”the statement said.

“In addition, WE was and remains in full compliance with the requirements of applicable privacy legislation regarding the storage of personal information outside of Canada.”

Responding to questions about his pledge to repay every penny of the $ 30 million already paid by the Trudeau government to administer the CSSG, WE told the National Post he had already returned $ 22 million.

All taxpayer money left in their accounts awaits government approval to be sent, the Toronto-based organization added.

“WE Charity is returning all funds. It has so far returned $ 22 million of the $ 30 million received. WE Charity has repeatedly communicated to ESDC its desire to return the remaining funds as soon as the government is able to accept the transfer, ”WE Charity responded Wednesday in a separate statement.


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