Concern for Portugal holidays as cases rise


France recorded its biggest daily increase in coronavirus infections since March, while President Emmanuel Macron raised the possibility of another nationwide lockdown.Another 7,379 cases were confirmed as of Friday, bringing the country’s total to 267,077 and making biggest daily peak since March 31, when 7,578 cases were counted at the peak of the first wave.

France was seeing an “exponential” increase in cases, the health ministry said, and the increase follows daily increases of 6,111 on Thursday and 5,429 on Wednesday.

But despite the rise, the number of hospitals and daily deaths have been relatively stable, with young people less vulnerable to the virus making up most of the new cases, the ministry said.

The death toll rose by 20 on Friday, bringing the total death toll in France to 30,596.

Shortly before the figures were released on Friday, Mr Macron said a second nationwide lockdown could not be ruled out if the infections got out of hand.

“We are doing everything to avoid another lockdown, and in particular a nationwide lockdown,” he said, but added that this could not be ruled out.

“Containment is the crudest of measures to fight a virus,” Macron said, urging people to be “collectively very rigorous”.

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