CM Punk shares thoughts on Monday’s WWE RAW underground segment


RAW Underground, a blood sport-type segment that debuted Monday evening gross this week was met with mixed reactions. However, the former WWE Champion CM Punk likes the new concept and hopes to see women participate in MMA style fights in the future.As seen in the video above, Punk joined Renee Young and Booker T for tonight’s episode of Watch Along with SummerSlam 1992, broadcast on FS1. During the show, Punk was invited to share his thoughts on RAW Underground.

“I really loved it. I want to see Nia Jax in there. They should have more women in there. Let’s see bodies break down, ”Punk said.

During the conversation, Punk wondered if RAW Underground would be limited to just Monday evening gross or also be featured on Friday night SmackDown.

“The idea that Shane McMahon and all these people would be at the Performance Center for the entire three hours and cut into what they do in various segments is pretty cool. Three hours of limitless fights and strippers is all I want to see, ”added Punk.

Interestingly, Booker T admitted that Punk was the first wrestler he thought of after watching RAW Underground.

“As soon as I saw the preview – a shoot fight concept and everything, bringing in the noise – the first person I thought of was CM Punk. I know the money has to be fair, but maybe this thing will attract Punk to WWE, ”Booker T. joked.

Punk, who is 0-2 in MMA, retorted Booker T with, “You want me to get that first MMA win, right? ”

Meanwhile, Renee Young chose Asuka and Liv Morgan as two wrestlers she would like to see in RAW Underground.

“I thought it looked cool visually,” she says.

Punk also joked that he would love to see Renee face off against Bayley, the Smackdown Women’s Champion.

“Renee, I think you should fight Bayley. It’s the end of the world anyhow, with the pandemic and everything. It’s just going to degenerate into gladiatorial fights, ”Punk said.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on RAW Underground.

If using quotes from this article, please credit Watch Along with ah / t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcript.


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