CM Punk could still return to WWE as an in-ring performer


Dave Meltzer was a recent guest on WrestlingInc Daily. During his appearance on the show, Meltzer opened up about CM Punk and his WWE Backstage contract, which was canceled by FOX earlier this year. Meltzer said he was not aware of the exact terms of CM Punk’s contract:

I don’t know the nature if he had a no deal chord or not. If he had a deal without a deal, they would probably want to take him somewhere. But if he just had a standard contract attached to the show and the show is canceled, then you’re out. Yeah, I don’t know his deal.

Could CM Punk return to WWE?

Meltzer was then asked if CM Punk would wrestle in WWE again and Meltzer said that with Vince McMahon there was always a chance. Vince is known to put business above all else and a possible comeback for CM Punk could see the same thing:

There is nothing irreparable when it comes to wrestling and when it comes to Vince, especially now. The more things happen, the more attractive something like this becomes. But then it’s also up to Punk and does he want to wrestle? I know Vince recently, like a few months ago, was pretty adamant that no, he wouldn’t bring him back. But he always changes his mind when it comes to things and as business gets worse you look for answers. There are no easy answers, so you go to the hard ones and it’s a shot in the dark. How many times can they go back to see Bill Goldberg? Do you know what I’m saying? H / T: WINC

Dave Meltzer went on to explain how, during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, WWE broadcast footage of old matches on RAW. Meltzer also explained why WWE put a stop to this:

WWE immediately agreed – broadcast PPV matches and things like that. I think Vince McMahon probably called that it won’t work in the long run and it probably won’t work. They’re concerned about the odds and I think just as much as the odds they’re concerned about the nature of their contracts that if it’s not new lineup maybe FOX… I mean they were really concerned. by FOX and NBCU trying to get by. contracts at the moment.

Meltzer added that WWE and AEW must continue to broadcast shows weekly to preserve their respective television contracts.
Posted 05 Aug 2020, 18:19


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