Closed schools represent a risk as great as Covid-19


The UK’s four chief medical officers put their names in a letter explaining the case for reopening schools and the bottom line is that while there are risks they are not as great as many many people fear him. “Compared to adults, children may have a lower risk of catching Covid-19…, [they] certainly have a much lower rate of hospitalization and serious illness, and an exceptionally low risk of death. Transmission of the virus within schools is occurring, but the letter says this is “probably not a common route.”In fact, failure to reopen schools poses a greater threat than the coronavirus itself, a point Professor Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer, argues in an interview released later in the day: “Many others risk being harmed by not leaving. that hurt while going ”. It is frustrating that the Government is only explaining very clearly something that many of us have known for months, which is that depriving children of school is bad for their health, that the poorest will be poor. most affected and – it is blindingly obvious – that education will suffer.

The last two weeks have already seen the terrible consequences. Scores for GCSEs and A levels were to be calculated after months of missed lessons and no exam results. First, the government used a dream-destroying algorithm; after a public outcry, he fell back on very generous evaluations from teachers. Trust in the whole system has been shattered and universities are so overcrowded that Durham is now paying people to defer for a year. All of this only creates problems for the next cohort, who absolutely cannot afford to waste any more time in class.

Schools must reopen; teachers must fully support it. As doctors say, if there is an increase in infections, it is likely that the lockdown will tighten in other areas, meaning places such as pubs will be closed. If this is the case, the action should be as precise and focused as possible, as the argument for keeping the economy alive is much the same as for schools. The more open things are, the better it is for health, the company and to generate the income necessary to pay for this extraordinary experiment of social control.


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