City of Edmonton faces $ 565 million lawsuit for COVID-19 mandatory mask settlement


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Miller asks city council to overturn the bylaw within 10 days and he will end the legal process. Otherwise, it will ask for $ 565 million in remediation.

Reached by Postmedia on Wednesday morning, Miller said that every time he now goes out to his southern community he sees masks littering the ground.

“Everywhere I go, when I go to places like Superstore or Southgate Mall, masks are everywhere,” he says. “It’s unsanitary.”

Spokeswoman Lori Yanish said the city has seen an increase in waste of discarded masks as more masks have been worn since the regulation took effect. To cope with this increase, the City will provide litter kits including a waste collector, gloves, garbage bags and a public notice that can be posted outside businesses.

“The city is seeing an increase in discarded mask waste as more masks are worn. We remind citizens to properly dispose of masks, masks and other personal protective equipment – these items should be put in a trash can, ”Yanish said in an email to Postmedia. “We are concerned about waste and are doing additional communications work to address this issue.”

Since its inception, no tickets have been issued under the mandatory mask regulation and the city continues to see high compliance. Enforcement officers have issued 800 educational and verbal warnings to remind residents of the rule if they do not wear a mask. The city observed 97.5% compliance with the mask rule in private businesses and 92% on public transport.

The mask exemption card program remains on hold after distribution abruptly ended two weeks ago due to extensive abuse of the program by residents who do not have a legitimate exemption. An update on the next steps for the exemption card program will be presented to City Council at Thursday’s Emergency Advisory Committee meeting.

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