CHSAA announces the 2020-2021 athletics and activities calendar


AURORA – The Colorado High School Activities Association has announced its 2020-2021 athletics and interschool calendar, after months of working with Governor Jared Polis, the CAHSA Resocialization Task Force, the Advisory Board of Sports Medicine, the state COVID-19 response team, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and the CHSAA board of directors and administrative staff.

“The health and safety of our participating students, coaches, officials and essential staff, including volunteers, is a major concern for the return of athletics and inter-school activities,” said the CAHSA Commissioner , Rhonda Blanford-Green. “We are very grateful to the leaders of state, health and education for their shared commitment to a return to these highly beneficial education programs when they are deemed safe for all school communities.

Note that the resumption of all activities and athletics is subject to change based on any changes in national, regional or local guidelines.

The 2020-2021 season will be played with a modified sports schedule due to the ongoing global pandemic, creating four distinct sports seasons during the school year.

Following a phone call with Governor Jared Polis on Tuesday, Blanford-Green and CHSAA received a final response on the plan submitted to the state’s COVID response team. This includes clearance for cross country to start this fall.

Due to the restrictive nature of current state guidelines and the ability to follow Colorado Department of Education requirements, all contact sports have been moved to a season that will start later in the schedule and allow playoffs and climactic events without creating new conflicts. .

“We would like to thank our member schools and school communities for their patience as we overcome the many challenges to get to where we are today,” said Blanford-Green.

The modified schedule divides the sports into four seasons, ending at the end of June: A, B, C and D

Dates and plans for non-sport activities continue to be formulated.

For specific sporting dates and seasons, see the calendar below.

Each season lasts approximately seven weeks from start to finish. Sports will have their regular season competitive limits reduced. The playoffs for each sport will also be shortened, including the number of national qualifiers.

The following fall 2020 sports will begin as originally scheduled: Boys ‘golf began playing on August 3, boys’ softball and tennis are scheduled to begin August 10, and cross country on August 12. According to the modified schedule, this is season ONE.

The remaining traditional fall sports cannot be played under current state health guidelines. These sports are field hockey, football, gymnastics, men’s soccer, spirit, unified bowling and women’s volleyball.

The sports played this fall will all be over on October 17th. Check the calendar below for exact dates.

In anticipation of state data that shows a likely resurgence of COVID-19 cases in late fall, there will be a moratorium on participation from October 18, 2020 to January 3, 2021.

Season B sports will begin on January 4 and end on March 6. These sports include: basketball, ice hockey, skiing, spirit, swimming and wrestling for girls.

Season C, which begins March 1 and ends with championships before May 1, includes the following sports: field hockey, football, gymnastics, men’s soccer, unified bowling, and women’s volleyball.

“I’m very happy we’re having a season,” said Lisa Schumacher, Sterling volleyball coach. “Although it will be delayed, we are looking forward to our spring season. ”

Due to the specific equipment and safety rules around football, the sport will start playing on February 22 and end on May 8.

“I like the fact that the creation of the seasons does not disturb anything of the traditional season, does not create new conflicts between sports,” said West Grand football coach Chris Brown, the best football coach of the state. “And knowing that there is a season there should help student-athletes stay academically engaged throughout the year.” ”

Ryan Goddard, Pueblo South football coach and Colorado High School Coaches Association football president: “It’s definitely not the decision we were hoping for, but we really look forward to providing student-athletes with opportunities to competition in education. activities based in unprecedented time. Allowing our children to participate is what is important, the date on the calendar is secondary. ”

Dave Logan, Cherry Creek Football Coach expected to be inducted into the NFHS Hall of Fame: “While I’m disappointed that we can’t play this fall, I appreciate the fact, given the parameters of the game. commitment, that CHSAA has done everything they can do to allow all our students in all our extracurricular activities to have a season in the 2020-2021 school year. ”

The 2020-2021 schedule will end with Season D. Sports include: baseball, girls ‘golf, boys’ and girls ‘lacrosse, girls’ soccer, girls ‘tennis, boys’ swimming, track and field and volleyball for the boys. This season will begin with practice on April 26 and end with the final championship on June 26.

Sport specific changes, training requirements, game requirements and procedures will be communicated by Thursday, including in bulletins available on

Calendar of activities of CHSAA 2020-21

Resumption of all activities and athletics is subject to change based on any change in national, regional or local guidelines relating to COVID-19. Sport-specific details will be communicated by Thursday.

SeasonsportPracticeFirst competitionChampionship (provisional)Max contest
Season ACross-country8/128/1510/177
Golf for boys8/38/610/5 and 10/6198 holes
Boys tennis8/108/139 / 25-9 / 26View newsletter
Soft bales8/108/1310/1016
Season BBasketball1/41/73/616 (4A / 5A); 13 (1A-3A)
Ice Hockey1/41/7To be determined13
Ski1/41/72/26View newsletter
Competitive spirit1/41/7To be determinedN / A
Touch spirit1/4N / AN / AN / A
Swimming girls1/41/7To be determined7 + league
Fight1/41/73/67 duals + 7 days
Season CField hockey3/13/4To be determineddix
Gymnastic3/13/4To be determined8
Boys soccer3/13/4To be determineddix
Unified Bowling3/13/4To be determined6
Girls volleyball3/13/45/116
Season DBase-ball4/2629/046/2616 (2A-5A); 13 (1A)
Golf girls4/2629/04To be determined198 holes
Lacrosse boys4/2629/04To be determineddix
Lacrosse girls4/2629/0423/06dix
Women’s football4/2629/04To be determineddix
Boys swimming4/2629/04To be determined7 + league
Girls tennis4/2629/046 / 11-12View newsletter
Athletics4/2629/04To be determined8
Volleyball for boys4/2629/046/1916
ActivitiesStudent leadershipFollowing a typical schedule.
The musicFollowing a typical schedule.
Speeches – Festival10/11/30
Speech – Tournament11/13/20


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