Christian Brueckner “Bragged About Performing Naked Sex In Front Of Sleeping British Girls”


The main suspect in the Madeleine McCann investigation is said to have bragged to a friend about breaking into a room full of sleeping British girls and having committed a sexual act.

Christian Brueckner is said to have told a close friend that he had stripped naked before breaking into the holiday home in Portugal.

The convicted sex offender only fled when one of the teens woke up terrified and started alerting her friends, it is claimed.

Brueckner is the prime suspect in the kidnapping and murder of three-year-old Madeleine (left) in 2007 while on vacation in Praia da Luz

A close friend of Christian Brueckner (pictured left) claimed he once bragged about sneaking into a Portuguese holiday home and having a naked sex act Brueckner is the prime suspect in the disappearance of three-year-old Madeleine McCann (right in 2007)

The close friend broke his silence on the alleged incident after attending this week’s police searches in Germany, the Mirror reports.

German investigators believe Madeleine was murdered and named Brueckner as their prime suspect last month.

Brueckner, 43, already has a string of convictions, including the sexual assault of a six-year-old girl and the rape of a woman in her 60s in 2005.

He is currently being held in Germany on suspicion of kidnapping three-year-old Madeleine from a vacation apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in May 2007.

The police spent several days this week digging up their housing estate near Hanover to search a secret cellar on the vegetable patch.

They searched the site using sniffer dogs, penetrating radars and drones.

They reportedly found the secret cellar under a stone slab and took away the concrete foundations of his old dumpster hut.

The close friend told the Mirror: “The strangest thing he ever told me was to break into a room where four British teenagers were sleeping on the couch and the floor.

“He was naked and left his clothes outside and he was masturbating. When one woke up and tried to wake the others, he panicked and ran away.

“He said he had run naked through town. He told it like a funny story.

The friend said he wasn’t sure if the incident happened in Praia da Luz, where Madeleine went missing – but he thinks it was in the same area.

He recounted how he befriended Brueckner at a kiosk the suspect owned in northern Germany in 2013.

Brueckner is currently in prison in Germany serving time for drug offenses and is expected to start his rape sentence shortly, but his lawyers have appealed the conviction for legal technicality and the European Court of Justice will issue its ruling more late this year.

Earlier this week, the Mail revealed Christian Brueckner was caught on camera driving a damaged VW camper van just weeks before German police believed he was using it to kidnap the three-year-old.

In the footage, obtained exclusively by MailOnline, Brueckner can be seen laughing and joking as he crouches in the back of the van looking at a map.

In the footage, obtained exclusively by MailOnline, Brueckner can be seen laughing and joking as he crouches in the back of the van looking at a map.

He has previously denied any involvement in the McCann case.

His lawyer Friedrich Fulscher, who described the subdivision searches as “pure despair,” said he did not think he was charged.


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