Chrissy Teigen’s thoughts on selling Sunset make us doubt a major plot point


Chrissy Teigen cash on the Vendre Sunset craze, but she is not ready to close the deal.As usual, the self-proclaimed reality TV junkie took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the Netflix series, which is pulling back the curtain on the good, bad and bad of Los Angeles’ luxury real estate scene. A warning from Chrissy with Vendre Sunset, good that?

She is not entirely convinced that the women who work for the Oppenheim Group in West Hollywood are in fact real estate agents.

“I will say,” the mom-to-be tweeted on Tuesday, Aug 18, “I look at real estate in LA a lot and haven’t seen any of these people lol [neither] have our agents, whom I asked obsessively. ”

When a fan asked if the experts featured on Bravo Million dollar sign up are the real deal, Chrissy replied, “I see them all the time in LA!” And bought at John [[[[Gomes]and Frédéric [[[[Eklund]At New York. “


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