Chris Hughes remains ‘gutted’ as ex Jesy Nelson gets banged with Sean Sagar amid romance rumors


Chris Hughes is said to be feeling “drained” after his ex-girlfriend Jesy Nelson had a romantic relationship with Our Girl actor Sean Sagar.The former Love Island star, 27, split from Little Mix singer Jesy, 29, during the lockdown after a year and a half of dating.

Since her split, newly single Jesy has sparked romance rumors with Our Girl actor Sean, 30, which she has denied.

Sean would have been seen with Jesy and he would have spent time with her.

Chris Hughes reportedly ‘gutted’ after ex-girlfriend Jesy Nelson was pictured with Our Girl actor Sean Sagar

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Jesy has denied rumors of a romance between her and Sean, but has since been pictured with Sean’s hand on his back.

And Chris would be “gutted” by the rumor of Jesy’s budding relationship with the actor.

A source told Sun Online, “Chris was really in love with Jesy and wanted it to work.

“He thought they were going to be together forever, so seeing pictures of her with Sean’s arms on her bare skin, looking warm and relaxed, was a tough pill to swallow. It’s empty.

Jesy has denied rumors of a romance between her and Sean
Jesy has denied rumors of a romance between her and Sean

Sean Sagar was slammed with his hand on Jesy Nelson's back recently
Sean Sagar was slammed with his hand on Jesy Nelson’s back recently

“He knows that Sean and Jesy have become more friendly and started hanging out shortly after they split.

“The breakups are tough enough, so with the lockdown too it was doubly difficult for him.

“Fortunately, he has good friends and family to cheer him up. ”

It comes after Chris breaks his silence about his separation from Jesy, admitting he was “heartbroken.”

Chris said he was
Chris said he was “heartbroken” over his separation from Jesy

Speaking on The Secret To: Show Your Sensitive Side podcast of Vicky Pattison, Chris explained, “It was tough, and when everyone’s like, time is a healer, you don’t believe it when you’re in the moment. ”

TV star Vicky went on to talk about how heartbroken she felt after her split from ex-fiance John Noble, to which Chris replied, “I can understand that, because I don’t think I ever had. heartbroken or whatever.

“And then a few weeks later you start to think about it less and less. And the next thing, you are as good as gold.

Chris then shared his plans to start dating again, but joked that he felt “useless” around women.

“I feel completely useless with women! Not useless! But all of this lockdown makes you step back. I have the impression of having lived the Stone Age where… ”

Vicky rang the bell, “You wrote letters from women and that?” ”

As Chris replied, “I’m doing this anyway!” Haha! No, it’s one of those things. This lockdown seems to have lasted so long. I’m fine, I’ll get back to it right away.


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