China Fires Back: Beijing Vows To Stand Up To US In Sensational “Won’t Give An Inch” Rant World | News


Relations between the two states have reached crisis levels, prompting Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng to warn that the state will not give an inch to the United States. Due to the controversial Hong Kong security law, the build-up of weapons in the South China Sea and sanctions against Communist Party members for the treatment of Uyghur Muslims, relations have deteriorated between the two. States. He also insisted that the months leading up to the US election in November will be crucial in forming a new Sino-US relationship.

Le said on Wednesday, “On matters concerning China’s core interests and national dignity, there is simply no room for us to back down.”If we give up an inch, they will ask us to go back a mile and through the salami tactic, they will never stop undermining China’s sovereignty and dignity.”

“Some Americans had criticized China for being a free rider.

“But when China invested more money to provide public goods, it criticized us for having strategic intentions and trying to be a hegemony. “

The also remained adamant that China would not be threatened by US sanctions.

He also claimed that China is not seeking to play a dominant role in world affairs, despite accusations from the West.

Chinese officials had also warned the United States about the trip of Health Secretary Alex Azar to Taiwan this week.

Although Mr Azar said the visit was aimed at strengthening ties amid the coronavirus pandemic, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry warned that Beijing strongly opposes any interaction between the two.

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Amid concerns over the island and escalating tensions between the United States and China, Le admitted that Beijing still insisted talks were still possible.

He said: “We must stay focused without being influenced by extreme forces, stay in the right direction of the bilateral relationship and prevent it from spiraling out of control or derailing.

“First of all, keep the lines of communication open.

“Dialogue should not be suspended. In particular, there should be no “radio silence” between the two foreign ministries.

“This means that no matter how difficult and complex the issues are, they need to be put on the table.

“I myself am ready for discussions with my American counterpart at any time.”

Despite calls for an open dialogue between the two, Taiwan said Chinese jets were sent over the border to the island.


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