Checking the facts: the celebration of the Italian Republic was like France’s farewell to Rafale


The first batch of Rafale fighter jets landed on Indian soil on July 29. Now, a video of jets forming a tricolor in the sky is going viral with the claim that this is how France said goodbye to the Rafale destined for India. The video shows jets emerging from behind a magnificent structure and forming synchronized smoke trails of green, white and red colors.

India Today Anti Fake News War Room (AFWA) found the allegation as well as the video to be false. The video has nothing to do with Rafales and is an old clip from the Italian Republic Day celebrations in Rome.

The video with the false statement is in progress widely distributed on social networks. The caption reads: “Everyone has been talking about Rafael’s landing in India, but see France’s farewell with the Indian tricolors.” The archived version of the message can be viewed here.

AFWA survey

Using the InVID tool, we found an article on a Chinese news website ” Xinhua NetWho says that the visuals come from the celebrations of the feast of the Italian Republic in its capital, Rome. Several videos of the R-Day celebrations in Italy are available on the internet, which shows visuals similar to the viral video.

Republic Day in Italy

Italy celebrates its Republic day on June 2 in which his air force performs synchronized stunts, forming the Italian tricolor in the skies. The large building seen in the viral video is the Victor Emmanuel II National Monument from where the R-Day parade begins. The Italian national flag can also be seen in the viral video.

The Indian and Italian national flags have almost similar colors, which often misleads social media users. The Italian flag has vertical shades of green, white and red, and the Indian flag has horizontal shades of saffron, white, and green. So when such air shows are performed in the sky, viewers tend to be misled.

On July 27, the day the Rafales took off from France, the Indian Embassy tweeted a video of the jets taking off from Mérignac air base in Bordeaux.

The same video also went viral last year with the claim that this was how India’s Independence Day was marked in Trafalgar Square in London. At that time also, AFWA had demystified Requirement.

We can therefore say that the video of the jets forming a tricolor in the sky has nothing to do with the Rafales. This is not how France said goodbye to jets bound for India as the viral post claims. It’s an old clipping from the Italian Republic Day celebrations.

ClaimThe video shows France bidding farewell to the Rafales bound for India with its jets forming the Tricolor in the sky. ConclusionThe video is celebrations of the feast of the Italian Republic, and at least a year.


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