Cheapest supermarket in UK for your named weekly store


UK’s cheapest supermarket to pick up your weekly shopping has been named and you can save almost £ 45.Researchers of whom? took the same list from Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Aldi, Lidl and Waitrose – and even calculated the cost of Ocado online.

Using the same list of 85 items, including everything from groceries to housewares, which one? checked the cost daily in July and averaged it, also taking into account specials.

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The price gap was also large, with some shoppers spending 56% less on their weekly store at a particular supermarket, reports the Mirror .

Shopping at Aldi customers reduced £ 78.50, while the same shopping list at Waitrose cost £ 122.47.

It’s fair to say that Aldi was happy with the outcome, with the supermarket taking to Facebook to celebrate.

The retailer wrote on Facebook: “The only place to get Aldi prices… is to shop at Aldi! The price is equal to that, Tesco. ”

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Buyers Agree, adding that it was not only the prices that were great, but also the quality.

One fan wrote: Aldi all the way. Their wine is excellent. The quality of their food has also come a long way.

Another added: “I love Aldi, their meat is far superior to all other supermarkets especially their steaks and meat joints and I save an average of 20-30 pounds per week buying there.

“Anyone who thinks they are paying more for ‘quality’ is wrong. ”

A third wrote: “It’s a mindset that some people think if it costs more it is better and only the lower classes buy from Aldi & Lidl. Well, that’s their downfall.

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