Chase star breaks up with second cousin so she can date her lover


TV star Mark Labbett is said to have separated from his wife so that she can go out with her lover.Mark, 55, nicknamed “the beast” in The Chase, attempted to openly marry his second cousin Katie, 28.

But the couple have called time on their relationship so Katie can continue her 18-month adventure with senior design engineer Scott Bate, 30.

Mark appears on The Chase with host Bradley Walsh

The Mirror reports that the former couple, who have a three-year-old son, have confirmed their split.

Mark reportedly said, “There’s never been any cheating on Katie’s part, but it’s to the point where I realize it’s better for us to go our separate ways and stay friendly. ”

Nurse Katie has now said, “I just want everyone to know what’s what and that we’re all happy. “

Mark Labbett avec Jenny Ryan, Bradley Walsh, Anne Hegerty et Shaun Wallace de The Chase

Mark explained that when he first found out about the relationship, he tried to make the marriage work for the good of their family.

But when the lockdown happened things got tense, and then Katie started seeing Scott again when the coronavirus restrictions were lifted, so Mark decided to end the marriage.

Mark said his mental health suffered as a result.

He added, “I’ve come to the point where I realize that it’s better for us to separate and stay friendly, without the stressor of living together. ”

Scott has met their son and Mark trusts him with the little boy.

Mark is now planning to spend time living in hotels as he finds a new home closer to London.

He also said his busy filming schedule and absence from home contributed to the end of the marriage.

It was reported last March that Katie cheated on Mark with Scott.

The couple had even gone on vacation during their secret romance.

After Mark found out they spent 18 months trying to make the marriage work.

Mark and Katie met on Facebook in 2010 and they reunited two years later.

They got engaged the following year and were married at Arundel Cathedral in West Sussex 12 months later.


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