Channel swimmer rescued after eight hours of searching


The swimmer was found just 500m off Dover

A lone man attempting to swim the English Channel from Dover to Calais was rescued after an eight-hour search.

The hunt was triggered by a call to the coast guard from a friend of the swimmer on Monday.

A helicopter and lifeboats were launched as part of the rescue effort, and the man was eventually found by a boat just 500 meters off Dover.

The swimmer was brought ashore and described as “cold and tired”.

The rescue operation began just after noon.

A Coast Guard spokesperson said: “At around 12:10 am today, HM Coastguard received a call from a member of the public with reports that their friend was swimming unaccompanied in Calais from Dover.

“Coastguard rescue teams from Deal and Langdon, RNLI lifeboats from Dover and Dungness, and Coastguard search and rescue helicopters from Lydd and Lee-on-Solent have been dispatched.

“Vessels in the area have been asked to keep a close watch and Kent Police, Port of Dover Police and Port of Dover have been notified.

“The swimmer was spotted shortly before 8pm by a passing vessel just 500 meters off Dover and taken aboard the RNLI Dungeness lifeboat, cold and tired but otherwise fine.

“He has been brought ashore and will be checked by the Southeast Ambulance Service. “


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