Celtics vs Raptors score: live updates as Boston and Toronto face off in NBA bubble


Ladies and gentlemen, the Boston Celtics are here. After battling injuries throughout the season, they finally have their full roster at their disposal in Orlando, and it shows with their stellar game lately. A resounding victory over the exhausted Brooklyn Nets is one thing. What they do tonight against the defending champions Toronto Raptors is another. The Celtics absolutely blew the doors off the Raptors tonight. It’s 91-57 after three quarters. Boston just finished the third quarter on a 36-12 run.Surprisingly, the score came from all over the place. Jayson Tatum, Kemba Walker and Jaylen Brown all scored between 17 and 20 points. Daniel Theis makes his 3 points. And their defense completely eclipsed Toronto’s top ranked bubble unit. No Raptor has more than 13 points. It was one of the worst explosions of the season. Follow with us for live news, updates and analysis as the Celtics complete this demolition.


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