Cases of the virus in France “are growing fastest among young people”


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French health authorities warned on Thursday that new cases of the coronavirus were increasing the fastest in young people, as the number of confirmed infections per day continued to rise.

In mainland France, the rate of growth of cases during the week of August 3 to 9 was fastest among people aged 15 to 44, said the DGS Public Health of the Ministry of Health, calling it ” worrying situation ”.

A total of 2,669 tests have come back positive in the past 24 hours, he added, indicating “steady growth” in new cases daily.

The figure was higher than Wednesday’s 2,524, which was itself the highest since May.

Among the new infections, there were 50 gendarmes based in Tarbes, in southwestern France, out of a group of 82 who had just returned from a deployment in Polynesia, the Hautes-Pyrénées department prefecture said.

Richard Peabody, an epidemiologist leading the high-risk pathogens team at the World Health Organization’s Regional Office for Europe, warned that more lax adherence to infection control measures resulted in a increasing number of cases across the continent.

“If you take … the pressure off the virus, it will come back,” he said, calling on European governments to be aware of the lessons learned in the early months of the pandemic.

To date, nearly 30,400 people have died from the coronavirus in France – 17 in the past 24 hours – and 374 are currently in intensive care.

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