Caroline Flack left a handwritten note for her boyfriend Lewis Burton on the day of his death


The investigation into Caroline Flack’s death resumed today six months after she committed suicide in her London apartment and it was revealed that she left a note for her boyfriend Lewis Burton. The Love Island host’s cause of death was ruled as suicide by hanging when the investigation was opened in February.

The inquest continues with a hearing at Poplar Coroner’s Court in London before the Chief Coroner Mary Hassell and Caroline’s family are in attendance via video link.

Caroline’s mother Christine and sister Jody watch the proceedings via Zoom.

Lawyers representing the Crown Prosecution Service, the Metropolitan Police and the London Ambulance Service are also following the proceedings online.

Witnesses will also connect remotely to give their testimony.

The first witness statement was from Stephen Teasdale, father of Flack’s friend Louise, who said he attended the scene after Flack’s sister Jody called to say that she couldn’t get in at Flack’s address.

Caroline Flack committed suicide at 40

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He said, “We got to the apartment and tried to force entry. We thought of calling the police but we knew the owner… We got the key and let ourselves into the apartment. ”

Mr Teasdale said he found Flack’s lifeless body hanged.

He said, “I brought her (down) and Jody started CPR. We did CPR for five to ten minutes, then the police took over. ”

Paramedic David O’Toole said he entered the property later and saw two distraught women on a sofa.

He said the victim appeared to be “dead for several hours”.

He said the women said they last saw her alive at 10:30 a.m. that day.

One of the crew members pointed to a handwritten note placed on an open magazine on the coffee table.

He was referring, positively, to “Lewis”, considered Flack’s boyfriend, Lewis Burton.

The note said: “I hope that someday me and Lewis will find harmony. “

Caroline Flack with her boyfriend Lewis Burton

In his witness statement, Paramedic David O’Toole explained that when he entered the apartment he found two women sitting on the couch who looked “extremely distressed” and that police officers practiced CPR.

He added: “My first impression was that she had been dead for several hours. ”

The court heard that no alcohol was found in Caroline’s system. She was taking medication to treat insomnia, but the rates were not fatal and a postmortem examination showed no signs of aggression on her body.

A witness statement from Dr Tamsin Lewis, a psychiatrist who treated Caroline, was presented in court.

She said she was contacted by Caroline’s assistant on December 17, 2019 – after the star’s argument with Burton that led to her arrest.

Dr Lewis said the star was in the midst of a ‘media crisis’ and ‘couldn’t sleep’.

She was “incredibly distressed” and explained that she damaged her finger during a fight with her boyfriend.

She said it was nothing more than a ‘love tiff’ but was concerned about the ‘media storm’.

Dr Lewis added: “’Her mood seemed low, anxious’ and Caroline said she was ‘very worried’ and had a pounding heart, a tight chest and a ‘feeling of impending doom’.

She did not admit to having suicidal thoughts but admitted to having drunk excessively to “numb”

Dr Lewis prescribed sleeping pills and antibiotics for finger injuries.

Caroline left a note for her boyfriend Lewis Burton on the day of his death

In his witness statement, Burton, explained that Caroline had spoken of suicide and was “not in a good emotional situation”.

He said: “The last time he saw Caroline she was very upset, actually devastated, she wasn’t in a good situation emotionally…

“What worried him the most was the police case and the loss of his presentation job on Love Island, besides not being able to see me. ”

When the inquest opened earlier this year, coroner officer Sandra Polson said the star was “apparently found hanged” on February 15, while an autopsy said the provisional cause of death was the suspension by ligation.

Poplar’s coroner’s court had previously learned how Caroline’s body was identified by her twin sister Jody Flack, who was due to visit her that day.

The former Love Island host, 40, took her own life at her apartment in Stoke Newington, north-east London, on February 15, after learning that her trial for an alleged attack on her boyfriend Lewis Burton was was taking place.

She was charged with assault by beating after an argument in her London apartment with Burton.

Caroline has pleaded not guilty and her boyfriend has always maintained her innocence, while her family criticized prosecutors for pursuing the case against the star – calling it a “show trial.”

Caroline Flack died earlier this year

She resigned from Love Island, and in an unpublished Instagram post published by her family after her death, Caroline said that “everyone and their future was swept under my feet” after her arrest.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, the Crown Prosecution Service said in a statement: “Our thoughts remain with the family and friends of Caroline Flack.

“It is normal for prosecutors to keep a record of complex or sensitive cases once they are concluded.

“This took place and revealed that the case was handled appropriately and in accordance with our published legal guidelines. ”

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